Tuesday, February 3, 2009

El Baton Cigar Review



This review is sponsored by Silo Cigars, home to rare cigars, aged cigars, and hard to find boutique cigars.

Once again, my friend Kevin over at Silo Cigars has surprised me with a fantastic cigar that I had never heard of. This jumbo sized smoke is made by J. C. Newman Cigar Co., makers of Diamond Crown Maximus and Cuesta Rey cigars. It is called "El Baton" and it's a belicoso measuring 56 ring gauge by 6 and 1/4 inches long. Even though I prefer slimmer cigars, it's hard not to like this flavorful gem.


The cigar is a Nicaraguan puro with a wrapper that is 100% Corojo. When you think all Nicaraguan tobacco you think this is going to be one strong smoke, but in fact, it is more medium in strength and very smooth.


The construction of the cigar is top-notch. The seams are nice and tight and the cap looked neat with a cute pointy end. The veins were relatively small and the wrapper itself was a pretty dark reddish brown with small "splotches" all over. It has a slight lumpy appearance to it, but not what I would call "rustic". The cigar feels nicely packed but not too much that it would affect the draw performance.


The initial flavors start off spicy, leaving a nice tingle to the lips and tongue. You can taste the tangy and sweet Corojo flavor immediately along with nice notes of dark mocha. The finish is long and earthy with touches of oak wood and black pepper. After tapping off the light colored ash at the one inch point, I noticed that the cone of ligero was not as big as I expected. This is a good thing for those of you who like spicy flavor without the wallop. I smoked this baby in the early afternoon and was able to function just fine afterwards.


The cigar then transitions into a nice leathery taste with mocha and pepper still present. The finish develops some nuttiness, which is always a winner for me. The finish remains long and leathery with some notes of oak and pepper. Not once did this cigar turn harsh or bitter.


Overall, I really enjoyed this cigar. The burn line was not perfectly straight but it was certainly not annoying enough to take away from the enjoyment of the smoke. Priced at $5.50 a stick, I don't see how you could go wrong purchasing these and laying them down for some aging. The El Baton is also available in boxes of 40 for $196. Silo Cigars even offers packages of five for $26.50. So far, this is probably the best deal of the year.






Joel said...

Never heard of these before! Loved the review though! Hey how have you been?

Stew said...

Nice review! I have not heard of this cigar before though. How have you been?

Lisa B. said...

Hey guys! LOL, you guys sound like twins. I've been doing great, just trying to keep up with these reviews. (It's hard for me to turn down requests for free samples to review. lol)I should be posting another one fairly soon.

Billy R said...

I trid the cigar this week and loved it. I will be adding the cigar to my humidor. A clerk at my favorite cigar shop in Winston-Salem, NC gave me one to sample.
I like mild to medium cigars.

Anonymous said...

I smoked a 6 by 60 El Baton a couple weeks ago and like it so much I purchased a box of 40. It will not be my last. I also like the 5 Vegas Classic Churchill but the El Baton is much superior. Really goes well with Crown Royal.

Pensacola, FL

Ryan said...

This is an AWESOME smoke! One of my "go to" cigars.
Review is right on. This smoke gets better and better with each puff.
A must try!

AC Tony said...

I have the luxury of having great bosses and can work wirelessly from the local cigar shop where they all like to hang on.

Just today, "Chuck" (the boss) handed me one of these and told me to come on over to the shop after lunch.

Needless to say, I came back to the office and immediately look for a review of this El Baton and yours was the first to pop-up.

If I was going to write a review for it, it would have been yours almost to the letter.

Great flavor, not overpowering while still having some punch, and oddly enough, a noticeably superb, consistent DRAW.

Take this review to the bank because the cigar exceeding my expectations for an unknown and your review captured my exact sentiment.

I would buy these in a heartbeat.

onefingerraised said...

Love the El Baton. Tried it for the first time last week and it bolted to the top of my list.

Like you say, it has a smooth flavor, and a good burn, and the smoke is thick. I love everything about this cigar. Definitely a fine alternative to those who prefer spicier, darker smokes.

El Baton para siempre!