Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Current Favorite Cigar Is...

(contributed by Sandi of WWSC- Women Who Smoke Cigars)

My current favorite cigar is the Punch Gran Puro (Rancho size, 54 by 5.5")

I previously smoked the Punch Gran Puro years ago and didn't care for it. However, during the summer, I attended a Punch Event at Renaissances Cigar Emporium (located in NYC) and was blown away. I had purchased 2 cigars and received one free. I didn't smoke the cigars right away, but instead allowed the cigars to rest in the humi for a week. One nice Friday evening, I decided to try the Punch (again). "Wow!", is all I could say.

The Punch Gran Puro is made with 100% Honduran grown tobaccos, with an extra-dark, extra-bold Havana-seed wrapper. I was in awe during my Friday evening ritual of smoking in front of my building. The Punch Gran Puro was very well constructed, had a nice aroma and lots of white smoke. Since I was smoking outside, I wasn't drinking my usual Flor de Cana rum (7 yr aged), but as soon as the weekend arrives, I will try the Punch Gran Puro and the Flor de Cana rum together to see if it enhances the experience.

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