Sunday, August 10, 2008

J. Fuego Delirium (robusto)

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I wouldn't say that I experienced any delirium from smoking this Delirium from J. Fuego, but I know that I was cuckoo for cocoa puffs for wanting to toothpick nub this tasty cigar at the end. But let me not get ahead of myself...

This cigar was recommended to me by Kevin over at Silo cigars. I can't say enough good things about the wonderful service you get when you order from them. Not only are they very knowledgable and stock the best cigars, but they really know how to take care of their customers. Even the little things like making sure there is a humidipak to preserve your cigars and a free bag of salty pretzels and a red hot candy with each order make you feel really special and want to order from them again. (Which I do) I highly recommend that you check them out and tell them that Lisa at Her Humidor sent you.


I first heard about J. Fuego cigars when Walt from the Stogie Review talked about them on his video review. The Fuego family has been in the cigar business for 130 years and five generations starting in Cuba so I am really not surprised that the cigars they put out are high quality and very flavorful. The Delirium is their latest creation. It is a nice medium to full bodied cigar with a dark Brazilian Maduro wrapper made in Honduras. You should start seeing more of these cigars soon if you haven't already discovered them.


The rest of the cigar contains a Costa Rican Corojo binder and a filler blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan Corojo. I would say that right up until the last third the cigar is medium bodied then at the end it kicks up into the full range. The wrapper looks veiny the way a Brazilian maduro normally does and has a toothy appearance. There was a small hole in the wrapper on one of my cigars which probably occured naturally. There was no lifting or any problems with the burn at all. In fact, the cigar burned evenly and formed an attractive tightly compact white ash which matched the white color on the cigar band perfectly.


The cigar starts out with a really nice dark coffee flavor, some hickory and slight fruity twang which transitions immediately to a nice bittersweet chocolate flavor. The cigar puts out a thick volume of fragrant white smoke which is sharp but pleasant and spicy. The flavors are really smooth with no harsh bitterness. If you really like maduros you will really enjoy this cigar. There are some notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and tangy fruit which play around with your taste buds. The finish has a nice honey-like sweetness which is not cloying but helps to round out the dark chocolate.


I noticed that my J. Fuego cigars are tightly rolled (as evident by it's strongly held ash) which can prolong the smoke time. I was lulled into thinking that this cigar is pretty one-dimensional in flavor. But, by the middle of the second third, the spice level went up and continued going up and some nuttiness started to creep in as well. I also detected a little bit of leather. The sweetness gradually dissipated but the flavors remaining took on a really nice rounded profile. Roasted nuts, dark chocolate, leather and spice all combined for a terrific medley of flavors. Break out the toothpick, because you will really want to nub this cigar.


Overall, I would say that I enjoyed this $7.00 cigar. It starts off a little slow but ends in a bang. You get to experience all the flavors in this four country blend, you just have to take your time and let it develop. It may not be something a beginner would enjoy, but definitely put it on your list because you won't be a beginner forever. Trust me, it didn't take me long to develop a taste for fuller bodied cigars. I plan on smoking and reviewing other J. Fuego cigars in the near future. So far, I have not been disappointed.


Damsel said...

Great review Lisa...thank you...I've been trying to locate the cigar out here...and after reading this, I think I will try just a little harder! Thanks for the link....

Bias Tech 1 said...

Really great review Lisa. I just picked up two boxes which were on sale. I smoked one cigar and totally loved everything about this great smoke, your review was spot on.