Friday, August 15, 2008

Gurkha Grand Age (Quickie Review)

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This hefty 54 by 7 and 1/2 inch churchill has a pleasant leathery looking five year-old Cameroon wrapper, along with Nicaraguan and Peruvian longfillers and bound by a Nicaraguan binder. Priced at around $11 a stick, it makes for a nice special occasion smoke with it's smooth and consistent chocolatey and wheaty taste with some tart notes and a molassas sweet finish. This is one cigar whose flavors get better and better as you smoke it.
Recommend? Yes!


Anonymous said...

Gurkha's are so hit or miss.. I'm glad you got one that was a hit.

Unknown said...

I've been smoking the Perfectos for about a year now and love them. This is a delicious cigar

Lisa B. said...

Barry- I totally agree with you. I buy very few Gurkhas for that reason.

Paul- I love the shape of the perfectos and didn't know that this cigar also came that way. Nice to hear someone have the same experience as me.