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Don Pepin Garcia Black Edition 1979 (robusto)

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I thought I would continue with my review of some Don Pepin Garcia cigars. As you know from my previous post, I won a nice sampler from Cigarbid which contained all Don Pepin Garcia made cigars. This time I decided to smoke the Don Pepin Garcia Black Edition 1979 robusto. This cigar is made at the Tabacalera Cubana factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. It was introduced in 2006 and contains all Nicaraguan tobacco. It has received 92 ratings in both Cigar Insider and Cigar Aficionado in 2007.


The wrapper is a very pretty reddish brown Habano Rosado. It has a few medium sized veins but overall it's an attractive stick with a Cuban style three seam cap. The cigar has a "paperbag" feel to it and is nice and firm with one small soft spot detected in the center of the cigar. It gives off an earthy aroma and some pepper notes were detected at the foot of the cigar. After clipping the cigar I got a free draw with more resistance than I usually prefer but it worked out nevertheless.


I am noticing right off that DPG cigars give off a really nice volume of smoke to coat the palate. These cigars definitely do not play and will give you immediate medium to full bodied flavor. This cigar started off with smoky oak flavor followed by a real nice caramel finish. Also, your mouth gets smacked around with peppery heat which I learned is a trademark of DPG cigars. I thought it was funny that I started to sneeze and blow my nose as if I really did inhale some pepper with this cigar. Even with a slightly runny nose this cigar gives off generous flavor that even the dullest taste buds could detect. The cigar then quickly transitions into a nice rich leather flavor along with subtle vanilla, cinnamon and cedar notes. The ash is a salt and pepper color which looks soft and flowery, but actually holds on pretty well to the one inch point.


The second third of the cigar is really nice and rich. Like a brand new Coach bag, this cigar tastes like chewy rich leather and you still get a nice sweet and spicy caramel finish. The flavor profile remains pretty consistent at this point and into the last third you get just a smidgen of nuttiness to join the mix. Unfortunately some harshness also comes knocking at the door in the last third. I probably would not smoke this cigar past the band because eventually that rich leather flavor turns into a stinky cigar tobacco taste. Not pleasant, at least to me.


This cigar burns nicely with an even medium burn line. I would say that it isn't as strong as the Series JJ which showed more ligero present. The flavor of this cigar is medium to full bodied and not very complex. I would definitely smoke this cigar again if offered to me or if I found another great bargain on Cigarbid. So far it is not my favorite DPG cigar but compared to other cigars of the same price it is definitely a competitor to be reckoned with.

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