Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bolivar Petit Corona (Cuban)

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If the Bolivar Royal Corona is anything like the Bolivar Petit Corona I just smoked then I can see why it was Cigar Aficionado's number one cigar for 2006. You would not know by just looking at this little cigar that it would be such a flavor bomb, but it is. Actually, if you closed your eyes and someone passed this very aromatic cigar under your nose you could speculate that it would be full flavored. There are unfortunately many cigars in my humidor that require the sensitivity of a bloodhound to detect noticeable aromas in the wrapper. This cigar is not one of them. It has a strong earthy tobacco aroma and the foot shows sweet tobacco flavors.


The Bolivar Petit Corona is not a very attractive looking cigar like say a photogenic Rocky Patel or Oliva cigar. In fact, it looks pretty rustic except with a neat three seam cap. The cigar is toothy with oily blemishes and smattering of dark little veins all throughout. It feels slightly bumpy if you run your fingers across it. But I'll take ugly and flavorful over attractive but bitter anytime.


The cigar I smoked felt firm and packed with tobacco. When I clipped the cigar with my cutter I was praying that it would not be plugged like the last cigar from this box and thankfully it wasn't. The draw was free and clear and had a nice sweet tobacco taste. Lighting the cigar was easy for this small ring gauge (42 x 5"). The only disagreeable taste was in the very first puff. Burnt charcoal right off the bat sent me reaching for my water bottle. But once I let the ash cool a little bit It was all smooth sailing the rest of the way. This cigar is full flavored from beginning to end. The easy draw allowed for nice plumes of smoke to coat my tongue and let loose a deep rich medley of flavors. Roasted coffee beans up front followed by a creamy mixture of roasted nuts and vanilla spice. The flavors blend nicely without a trace of bitterness. The cigar continues to progress nicely eventually including notes of cinnamon and nice leather on the finish. But the real treat is at the half way point when all the flavors become even more pronounced. Each draw was like an OMG! moment. If I'm ever going to use the word "opulent" to describe a cigar's flavors it would be now. Rich coffee, cocoa, nuts, leather, creamy hay, and nice spices with a long long finish which never crossed the line into bitterness even though it seemed as if I was puffing more than resting. I smoked this cigar right down to the nub.


Bolivar cigars are known for their rich taste and this cigar exemplifies that. It has the strength to age very well. One book I read says four years for peak flavor for semi-plain boxes and six years for cabinets. I'm not that anal about it. I don't have the patience or the desire to age cigars that long. Besides they taste wonderful now so why wait?

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htown said...

One of my favorite habanos.